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Indian Block Printed Textiles | Meet the Artisans
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Indian Block Printed Textiles | Meet the Artisans

Back in 2017, our Co-Founders Amy & Bee travelled to India and met some incredibly talented craftsmen and craftswomen and learned about some of the country's most ancient craft techniques. In Jaipur, the bustling capital of India’s Rajasthan state, sits a family-owned textiles factory where our Indian Block Printed Textiles are made.

Meenu, the owner of the factory, founded her business in 1993 and is dedicated to the preservation of the local art of hand block printing. The factory employs local artisans and also offers training to people living more rurally. The main focus of the group is to preserve traditional textile crafts such as block printing and kantha that are so integral to Rajasthan’s rich tradition.



The factory follows strict eco-friendly and fair trade practices. They recycle all of the water used to produce their textiles, significantly reducing their environmental impact. They also work to promote socially responsible health & safety standards in the production process. They are also part of a SWITCH Asia Project called 'Sustainable Textiles for Sustainable Development.'

Meenu and her team make all of our Block Printed Textiles by hand. Firstly, our Head of Design, Amy, illustrates the designs by hand. Wooden blocks are then carved based on Amy's original design. Each colour of the design must be applied in different layers, with different blocks. Each piece is then hand block printed using these traditional wooden blocks and natural dyes before being machine stitched using traditional Kantha hand stitching methods.

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