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Collection| Fantasy Animals Jewellery Collection

Collection| Fantasy Animals Jewellery Collection

Our ‘Fantasy Animals’ collection is inspired by some of the Earths most threatened species. Each design is hand carved by us in wax at our London studio before being brought to life by our partner workshop in the Pink City of Jaipur. Most pieces in this capsule collection are available in a choice of Brass or Recycled Silver. 

We spoke to head of design and co-founder Amy to ask what inspired her to create the pieces in this collection. 

Ocean is wearing our Tiger Sovereign Earrings, Ring, Necklace and Bangle.

Tiger Sovereign is such a stand out design, a really fun twist on classic sovereigns. What was your inspiration? Inspired by Roman jewellery, I hand-carved this design into wax to give it an authentic feel. Tigers are becoming increasingly threatened in their natural habitats and I wanted to create wearable pieces that might act as a talking point regarding the plight of these beautiful creatures. The sovereign earrings are paired with Tigers Eye precious stones, thought to aid clear thinking and decisive actions - exactly what our planet needs right now.

Ocean is wearing our Tiger Line Earrings and Necklace.

Tigers are a real focal point in this collection, how was the Tiger Line design created? Working with wax wire and a heat-pen I was able to turn my line-drawings into 3-dimensional pieces ready to be cast by our partner workshop in India. Cast from recycled-silver or brass, I love the shadows that this jewellery collection creates.

Ocean is wearing our Monkey Puzzle Hoop Earrings, Necklace, Ring and Bracelet.

You've used the Monkey Puzzle tree as a source of inspiration for many of your designs, including block printed rugs and cushions, does it have a sentimental meaning to you? My Dad, a tree-surgeon, tried to teach me the latin names for lots of trees when I was a child but the only one that seemed to stick was Araucaria Araucana, commonly known as the Monkey Puzzle. When I moved to Margate he planted one in for me in our front garden, a daily reminder of a carefree childhood, tree spotting on morning walks. Described as a living fossil the Monkey Puzzle Tree is native to Chile and Western Argentina although it remains a popular choice for gardens around the UK.

Ocean is wearing our Lakshmi Hoop Earrings and Necklace.

Lakshmi is a timeless design, what made you want to design these classic pieces alongside the illustrated tigers and monkey puzzles? These simple, semi-precious stone pieces are designed to mix and match with other more complex designs in the Fantasy Animals collection. I chose Citrine for it’s energising and life-giving properties and the power to stimulate imagination. Green Onyx is a purifying stone said to relieve stress, tension and fears and promote positive feelings, whereas smokey quartz is also thought to promote the feeling of grounding and cleansing. 

Amy's original wax carving for the Tiger Sovereign design, alongside her tiger illustration.

You can see and shop the full Fantasy Animals collection here.

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