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Styling Houseplants | #HouseplantWeekUK

Styling Houseplants | #HouseplantWeekUK

Houseplant week was created by David Domoney to celebrate the best of indoor gardening and help you choose the right plant for your home - if you can stop at just one! Indoor gardening not only makes our homes look great, but houseplants also have health benefits that you might not even know about. From improving the air we breathe to helping to lift our moods during the darker winter nights. We wanted to share some of our top tips for styling houseplants in your home!


Mix interesting leaf shapes, patterns and colours

We love finding plants with unique looking leaves - think prayer plants, inch plants, spider plants and all of the alocasia species! Picking a mixture of textures, shapes and colours helps your plants to look more structural, like a living piece of artwork! Plus you'll have lots of fun looking out for more unique plants. 


Find the right size & shape

It's important that your plants fit the space your going to be putting them in. For narrow but tall spaces, you want to find a plant that grows upwards rather than outwards like a snake plant or a cactus. Larger, more statement plants like everyone's favourite, the monstera, are great for creating divides in a room or filling up awkward spaces between furniture. 


Use different pots

Mixing and matching different pots is a fantastic way to create interest to your plant collection and to help them look unique! We like to try and match our pots to the decor of the room the plant is in - they're a great way to inject an accent colour. Our range of Kenyan baskets are houseplants best friend, and they're available in a huge range of colours and patterns. Try finding pots with different textures to add some depth too.  

Level of care

If you're not a particularly skilled gardener, it is best to choose houseplants that require minimal attention as no one likes looking at a brown, droopy plant. Some easy to care for houseplants that still make a big impact are cacti, succulents, snake plants, pothos and spider plants. 


Create different heights 

In addition to choosing plants and pots of different sizes, we love to place them all at different heights in a room. This allows the trailing plants to hang down, while others spike upwards. This is also a great method for displaying plants together in a cluster, as the larger ones won't overshadow the small! Try using stools and plant pots with legs to create different levels. 


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