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Table Cloths & Throws | Meet Tanzanian Women Weavers

Table Cloths & Throws | Meet Tanzanian Women Weavers

Located in the Morogoro region of Tanzania you will find the vibrant blue workshop of our fantastic women weavers. Founded in 1983 to help impoverished female school leavers in rural areas of Tanzania where higher education for girls is typically not a high priority, The Women Weavers Association comprises a school to train the weavers, a loom production unit to build the essential equipment, a dying unit to produce the dye for the yarn, and a shop where the products are sold. All of their materials are woven from 100% Tanzanian cotton that is grown and spun in the country.



The group is made up of 35 women weavers who produce everything by hand. In 1993 the project became a workers cooperative owned and governed by the women who are its members. The women benefit and share the profits they make amongst themselves. Each member benefits in proportion to her contribution to production and sales. They make our range of colourful, graphic throws and table cloths. 



You can shop the full collection here.

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